Device Protection Plan

The Device Protection Plan is strongly recommended for students in Grades 5-12.
These students are considered to be in a “one-to-one take-home” device program.
They are allowed to keep the device with them, and may end up with the same device for several years.

For Grades PreK through 4, whose devices will be left in the classroom, The Device Protection Plan is not seen as necessary , UNLESS these students end up in a Remote Learning situation, or need to quarantine at home at some point, and will be taking their devices home.
At that time, it would be recommended that parents consider purchasing the Device Protection.

The plan will cover accidental damage and is $25 which will cover your student for the year, according to the following terms.

  • 1st damage incident--families are responsible for a 20% deductible (20% of the repair or replacement cost).

  • 2nd incident of damage--families are responsible for a 50% deductible (50% of the repair or replacement cost).

  • 3rd and further incidents of damage--families are responsible for the full repair or replacement cost.

If a student/family chooses NOT to purchase device protection, the family is responsible for the full cost of any repair needed to the device, up to and including device replacement cost. Full repair cost or replacement cost is also incurred for intentional and malicious damage.

For Dayton Students/Families: Please send a check for $25 to your teacher/school to purchase the Device Protection.
For Biddeford Students/Families: The Device Protection Plan can only be purchased through the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

  • To purchase, go to the Main Menu and choose Fees

  • Then at the bottom of the window, Click on Optional Fees

  • Choose Device Protection Plan to add it to your cart

  • Check out following the prompts

Below are a few costs incurred for various parts/replacements. These are full costs, so they are greatly reduced if the Device Protection has been purchased:

  • Full Device Replacement: $325

  • Screen: $250

  • Top Case w/Keyboard: $150

  • Carrying Case: $20

  • Charger: $30

*If the device has a failure of an internal part, it will be repaired at no cost to the student/family.

For problems/issues with devices, students/parents should immediately inform the student's teacher, who will then contact the Technology Department. This will keep the teacher and others at the school aware of the situation and the remedy.