Special School Committee Meeting

July 31, 7:00 PM - Cell Phone Policy

School Committee Live Stream Link - Cell Phone Policy

Dear Citizens of Biddeford,

On behalf of the Standing Committee on Policy of the Biddeford School Committee, we are writing to inform you about an important proposed policy change regarding cell phone use in our schools.

After reviewing a proposal from the leadership team at the BHS, and surveying stakeholders, our committee is prepared to advance a draft policy and accompanying administrative regulation that would restrict cell phone use by both students and staff during the school day. This proposal comes after extensive discussions with instructional staff and building leadership about the effects of mobile phone usage on our students' mental and physical well-being, as well as the disruptions that phones can pose to the learning environment in classroom settings. Surveys of stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and students, are clear and compelling:  it is time to take action.

We recognize that we live in a world where technology pervades nearly every aspect of life and where technological proficiency is foundational to future success. Our goal is to support our students in navigating this digital landscape effectively. However, we also believe it is imperative to teach students about appropriate and healthy boundaries with regard to personal mobile devices, smartphones, and other forms of technology, including social media.

While we want our students to be able to use technology effectively, we also want them to foster positive relationships with peers without the constant intrusion of technology. Additionally, we aim to minimize disruptions to learning by limiting phone use in academic classrooms to only those times when phones are deemed necessary as the proper tool by a classroom teacher.

We believe that public feedback is vital to the development of this pivotal policy. Therefore, we cordially invite you to join us in the Little Theater at 7 PM on July 31 to share your views on this proposed policy. Your input is crucial in shaping a policy that best serves our students and our community.  The agenda is linked here.

Thank you for your continued support and engagement in our school system's policies. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and working together to create an environment that balances technological literacy with healthy social and academic development.


   Michele Landry
Marie Potvin
Meagan Desjardins

School Committee representatives, Policy Committee