Recertification Overview

Overview of the Certification and Renewal Process

The following information is a brief overview of the Biddeford School Department certification process. The complete handbook is available for download on the PLCSS page for a comprehensive understanding. Teachers must maintain their certification. Timelines for each type of certification can be found in the handbook.

There are many types of certificates. The most common three are

  • Professional (5 years): A renewable certificate issued to an individual who has held a Provisional for two years. Each professionally certified teacher should have a PRP (Professional Renewal Plan) in place at least two years before the expiration of their certificate. PRPs must cover two teaching standards.

  • Provisional (2 years): An entry-level certificate issued to an individual who has not previously taught in Maine and has met all the state course and testing requirements. Each provisionally certified teacher should have an IPCAP by November of their first year. IPCAPs must cover all ten teaching standards.

  • Conditional or Targeted needs (1 year): A renewable certificate that requires an IPCAP and meets specific requirements and timelines set by the state. The goal of a conditional or targeted needs certificate holder is to move to professional as quickly as possible. IPCAPs must cover all ten teaching standards.

Each teacher must have either a Teacher Action Plan/ Professional Renewal Plan (TAP/PRP) or an Initial Professional Certification Action Plan (IPCAP). This plan outlines your goals for professional development and what steps you will take to accomplish these goals. The plan must be developed at least two years before your certificate’s expiration. Mentors should assist new teachers in developing their IPCAP in the first two months of the first year for approval by the November PLCSS meeting.

During the second year, the plan should be revisited, amended, and sent for approval by the October PLCSS meeting.

Please keep the following in mind as you think of your certification

  • Plans must be approved before any other action is taken.

  • Courses projects and other activities must be pre-approved to count toward renewal.

  • Preapproval and Course reimbursement are not the same forms.

  • All activities must align with the goals of your plan.

  • There is no backdating for preapprovals.