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Help Those in Immediate Need

Relief Fund – We have received many requests about how our community can help.  This fund established through the BEF will support meeting students' basic needs (food insecurity, clothing, etc.) as well as social-emotional aid to ensure they can focus on academics. We appreciate your support of our youth and their families who may be struggling.

Food Distribution

Our Mission

The Biddeford Public School Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to manage and distribute funds raised to enrich the educational experience for the students of Biddeford. Through partnerships with the community and district, the Foundation will provide resources outside the normal school budget to augment teaching, encourage academic excellence, and maximize opportunities for students Pre-K through Grade 12.

Priority Giving Areas

The Board of Directors has approved three priority areas for giving:

  • Trauma/ACEs/Biddeford 365

    • To date, the BEF has utilized grant funding to assist with ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) training and supporting our students in building resilience. We recognize secondary trauma is also a concern as staff process the trauma their students endure.  One of the strategies to support youth is a program called Biddeford 365 – a vacation/summer camp providing youth an environment for healing from and building resilience around ACEs to break the stranglehold of trauma.  In partnership with the schools, a safe environment with positive, long-lasting experiences and interactive programming will be offered for underprivileged youth.

  • Backpack Program & Kids in Need

    • Food insecurity remains an issue in our community. The District will continue to collaborate with YouthFull Maine and Good Shepherd Food Bank for free farmer’s markets and in-school food pantries but we find the need to purchase additional easy-to-carry, quick meals/snacks for our students to transport home.

    • We also provide support to homeless or struggling youth around basic needs (clothing, food, books, etc.). We have seen a significant increase in our homeless population and assist families in identifying resources and securing affordable housing so their children are able to focus on learning.

  • Teacher Mini-Grants

    • The Foundation continues to support teacher mini-grants allowing educators to think outside the box for innovative learning opportunities that would otherwise not be covered in the normal school budget. To date, the BEF has supported $15,321 in teacher mini-grants.

Fundraisers - Updated as new fundraisers are added.

The following fundraisers will support the above priority areas.  As we are in the planning phase, please check back often to learn about new events and opportunities.  Links lead to all event pages or order placement.

  • Relief Efforts 

    • Simply click the link above and choose “Relief Efforts.”  All funds raised will support students' basic needs (food insecurity, clothing, etc.) as well as social-emotional aid to ensure they can focus on academics.

  • Memorial Funds

    • Families may choose to establish memorial funds as a tribute to their loved ones.  The funds may be designated to a specific program or where the need is greatest to support students in need.

Support is always appreciated.

Simply click here to give now or call 207-391-6885.

Congratulations to our Past Pillars of Pride Recipients

  • 2022 - Denise D'Entremont & Apex Youth Connection

  • 2019 – Ron Cote & Robert Hodge

  • 2018 – Dana Peck & Sarah Jane Poli

  • 2017 – Lou Chantigny & Bonita Pothier

  • 2016 – Roland Eon & Jim Godbout

Officers and Directors

President: Shelley Kane, Director of Community Outreach and Development

Treasurer: Terry Gauvin, Business Manager

Liz Ames, Teacher
Kerrie Edgerton, Parent
Briana Lagasse, Community Member
Michele Landry, Municipal Elected Official
John McCurry, Parent
Jeremy Ray, Superintendent
Keith Jacques, Esq., Woodman and Edmonds (Clerk)

Shelley Kane, Foundation President
18 Maplewood Avenue, Biddeford, ME  04005
207-391-6885    •