PLCSS Links and Resources

PLCSS slide deck 2021 - 2022 - Review for updates on certification and support services.

Intasc Standards
This is a link to the 11 teaching standards and their descriptions.  It also includes a comparison to the former set of standards for those teachers who are new to the INTASC standards.

PLCSS Overview
A brief description of certificate types and processes.

PLCSS Building Chairs (click link to email):

Verification of PRP
Use this form if you already have an existing plan from your previous school district.  Fill out and include materials from your previous plan

TAP/PRP (pdf) / (drive)
The professional renewal form (select two standards each 5 years)

Self-Assessment Tool
A helpful tool to develop goals

Needs Assessment
A helpful tool to develop goals

Independent Project approval form
Projects can account for up to 45 contact hours

Pre-Approval Form
Use to have workshops and courses count towards recertification hours.

Workshop Report Form
Use to help in documenting your hours for a workshop or conference.

PLCSS Observation Form pdf / drive
For use by mentors

Mentor Time Log
For use by mentors