PLCSS Links and Resources

Maine 10 Teaching Standards
This is a direct link to the State of Maine Department of Education’s page regarding the 10 teaching standards. These standards are complete and detailed.  A simplified condensed version is provided here.

PLCSS Overview
A breif description of certificate types and processes

PLCSS Committee
Provides names and email links to building chairperson(s) at each school

Verification of PRP
Use this form if you already have an existing plan from your previous school district.  Fill out and include materials from your previous plan

TAP/PRP (pdf) / (drive)
The professional renewal form(select two standards each 5 years)

IPCAP    (pdf) / (drive)
(Initial Professional Certification Action Plan)Provisional Conditional and Targeted needs(must show profieciency in all 10 standards

Self-Assessment Tool
A helpful tool to develop goals

Needs Assessment
A helpful tool to develop goals

Independent Project approval form
Projects can account for up to 45 contact hours

Pre-Approval Form
Use to have workshops and courses count towards recertification hours.

Workshop Report Form
Use to help in documenting your hours for a workshop or conference.

PLCSS Observation Form pdf / drive
For use by mentors

Mentor Time Log
For use by mentors