This morning, Biddeford School Department learned of a threat posted online from someone claiming to be a student. In accordance with our safety protocols, the threat is currently being assessed by the administration and the Biddeford Police Department.  At this time, the veracity of the post remains under investigation; there is no student on our rolls that matches the account containing the threatening post.

All schools remain open and staff will be alert and vigilant in adhering to all emergency procedures if needed.  Although students have practiced emergency drills and are aware of safety precautions, out of an abundance of caution, we will have additional police officers on-site and ensure all exterior doors are locked. However, if you feel your student should remain home, please contact your child’s school.  

We wish to commend our student body and staff for acting swiftly to these types of threats and reporting them to administration immediately, as well as our colleagues at the Biddeford police department for their professionalism.