Guidance Groups

As part of the Biddeford Intermediate School’s General Guidance Program, we offer a variety of small groups for all students. Groups will be conducted by the school counselor throughout the school year. Groups will meet for roughly 8 sessions each and will be scheduled during support times to ensure classroom instruction time is not interrupted. Below are descriptions of the groups that are currently available. Additional groups are likely to form once specific and personal needs are established by the students. These are skill-building groups, not therapeutic groups. We hope to place every student in at least one guidance group during their 2 years at BIS. 

Students can be referred to groups through parent, teacher, and/or self referral.

Below are the groups currently offered at BIS:

Social Skills: The purpose of this group is to help students develop positive feelings about themselves and explore how they interact with others. This group will focus on the development of specific skills to help students interact more effectively will peers and adults.

Family Change: The purpose of this group is to help children adjust to changes in their families such as divorce, remarriage, and blending families.

Self Esteem: The purpose of this group is to simply help the children discover their personal strengths and talents. This is a fantastic group for all students at BIS.

Affected Substance Abuse: This group is offered for students who are living with a family member who is, or was previously, abusing alcohol or drugs. Our students will learn about the disease of addiction and learn a multitude of coping strategies to manage family changes.

Relaxation/Coping Skills: This group teaches students multiple methods for relaxation, including emotion identification, expressive art, breathing exercises, and informal meditation poses. This group is fantastic for all students!