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What is Athletic Training

A Certified Athletic Trainer is a healthcare professional that is an invaluable member of the health care system associated with physical activity and sports. To obtain the title of 'Certified Athletic Trainer' one must complete a comprehensive program from an accredited athletic training curriculum, pass the Board of Certification exam, and adhere to professional standards. In Maine, one must also obtain a state license.

The athletic trainer, with the consultation of the team physician, provides care to the student-athletes at Biddeford High School. The athletic trainer’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to: injury prevention, recognition, evaluation, management, treatment, rehabilitation, counseling, education, organization, and administration.

For more information on athletic trainers, visit The National Athletic Trainer's Association Website!

Sports Medicine Team

Biddeford High School is proud to have a sports medicine team in place to facilitate the treatment of the student-athlete population. This team is comprised of physicians, a certified athletic trainer, a registered nurse, a physical therapist, and a strength and conditioning specialist. The goal of this team is to increase the quality and consistency of care provided to the student-athlete. The following people are the members of the Biddeford High School Sports Medicine Team:

Dr. David Johnson MD - Team Physician, SMHC Orthopedics

Dr. John Dolan DO - Team Physician, SMHC Neurology

Kate McCarter, LAT, ATC, CSCS - Certified Athletic Trainer, SMHC Sports Performance Center

Amy Elie RN - Registered Nurse, Biddeford High School

Mike Hersey PT, SCS, CSCS - Team Physical Therapist, SMHC Sports Performance Center

Rick Sirois MS, LAT, ATC, CSCS - Team Strength & Conditioning Specialist, SMHC Sports Performance Center


Biddeford High School is committed to providing the highest level of service and care to all student-athletes. This includes the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries as well as the nutritional, psychological, and physiological needs of each student-athlete. The care provided by the sports medicine team will be aimed at each student-athlete’s specific injury and needs for both the body and mind. While the student’s desire to participate in athletics is recognized, it is the responsibility of the sports medicine team to ensure that the health and long term well being of the student-athlete is paramount in the decision to return the student to athletics following an injury. All care will be delivered objectively and without prejudice.

Biddeford High School Athletic Training Facility Hours:

  • The Biddeford High School athletic training facility will open weekdays at 2:45pm for after school treatment

  • From 2:45-3:30 the primary focus will be on practice preparation and rehabilitation

    • In-season athletes take priority over off-season athletes.

    • Athletes with games (home or away) take priority over those who have practice

    • Emergency situations take priority over everyone

  • From about 3:30 (depending on the season) onward the athletic training facility will be closed so that the athletic trainer can attend all home contests.

    • There may be a day to day change in the time that the athletic trainer has to leave based on game times.

    • All Emergency situations should be communicated to the athletic trainer by the head coach or assistant coach, and all Emergency Action Plans should be followed appropriately if athletic trainer is not present

  • The athletic training facility will only be open on Saturdays when prearranged with the coaching staff, or when there are home contests

    • For contests that are located off campus on Saturdays, there will be no athletic training facility hours. All pre-game treatments will be done at the contest site (Waterhouse Field, Doran Field, St. Louis, BIA, etc.)

  • The athletic training facility will be closed on Sundays.

Biddeford High School Athletic Training Facility Rules:

  • No one is to be in the athletic training facility without permission from the athletic trainer.

  • No coach or administrator will allow a student-athlete into the athletic training facility without direct supervision.

  • No supplies or equipment will be taken by anyone (coach, student-athlete, administrator) out of the athletic training facility without permission from the athletic trainer.

    • In emergency situations things may be take out of the athletic training facility to assist in student-athlete care.

  • The athletic training facility is an equal access facility. Student-athletes will be treated on a first come first serve basis unless an emergency situation arises. Exceptions to the first come first serve rule are:

    • Student-athletes who have a game: home or away.

    • Student-athletes who have an earlier practice time.

    • Student-athletes who have emergencies.

  • Swearing, derogatory language, and insults will not be tolerated. All language and actions must be respectable.

    • Student-athletes who break this rule will be asked to leave the athletic training room for an appropriate amount of time.

  • No cleats should be worn in the athletic training facility.

  • No shoes of any type will be worn on the treatment tables.

  • No food or drink, other than water, will be allowed in the athletic training facility unless given specific permission to do so by the athletic trainer