Freshmen Mentors

Welcome to the Freshman Mentor Resource Page!

Mentor Responsibilities

All information concerning this program MUST remain confidential. That means not repeating any information about “your” freshmen. Set a good example by not gossiping – don’t talk about someone unless they are there.

Despite the fact you must maintain confidentiality with your mentees, there are certain moral, ethical, and even legal exceptions. You MUST share with an adult at your school if you have even reasonable suspicion that any of the following might be true:

  • One of your students is hurting themselves or might hurt themselves

  • One of your students is or might be harming others or plans on hurting others

  • One of your students is or might be being harmed by someone or is being bullied or harassed

You must remain a positive role model in all ways. This includes following all school rules, maintaining an appropriate grade point average, being respectful, being responsible, and being drug-free. You must fulfill all requirements and expectations of being a Kick-Off Mentor, including being an “active” member and helping “your” freshmen in every way possible.

Important Cautions

It is important that mentors not date mentees, even though they may have a “crush” on you.

To avoid awkward situations:

  • Team meetings should be held at schools or in public places.

  • Never meet one-to-one with a mentee away from school or after hours.

  • Never transport a mentee in your vehicle.

First Day Mentor Activities


  • Download the KO Mentor App to access the music for the dance.

  • The materials given to you on Sept 1 will be new. If you want your stuff from the training days, you need to bring it.

  • Wear your KO Mentor t-shirt!

The breakout sessions and agenda for Kick Off Day are attached below