Student Services

School Counselors:

Travis Roy: Students with last names:

  • Grade 9 A-D

  • Grade 10 A-F

  • Grade 11 & 12 A-Ga

Dolores Charest: Students with Last names:

  • Grade 9 E-Ma

  • Grade 10 G-O

  • Grae 11 & 12 Ge-M

Jen Rowland, Director of High School Counseling: Last names:

  • Grade 9 Mc-Z

  • Grade 10 P-Z

  • Grade 11 & 12 N-Z

Holly Scribner: All 2nd-year COT students in Trades Programs

If you would like to schedule an appointment, please use the following links:

Every effort will be made to make these appointments at a time that will not disrupt class time.

Administrative Assistants:

Karen Moody, Registrar

Joyce Poulin

PH: (207) 282-1598 FAX: (207) 282-8284

Support Staff:

Jeremy Goulet: Truancy Coordinator

David Nelson: Resiliency Coordinator

Donna Maguire: Social Worker

Whitney Pierce: Day One Substance Use Counselor

Krystal Taschereau : School Nurse


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