Career Exploration Courses

Career Exploration Courses are available for BHS students in grades 9-12. These interactive classes introduce you to a number of different fields that can help you make career choices or just learn something new in a fun way. Sign up for these courses through your BHS guidance counselor.

Instructors: Mr. Ethan Davis & Ms. Carole LePauloue

Basic Carpentry

Carpentry and the building of homes is a vital part to our economic stability. Students will explore and learn the required skills to construct basic projects that relate to the building trades. There are several related issues and topics such as economics, science, engineering and math that will be discussed. Other skills that will be learned will be the safe and proper use of hand tools, portable power tools and power machines. Strict safety requirements and practices will be expected and adhered to at all times.



House Design

Are you interested in learning how to design a house? In this course you will create your own house design and prepare a set of plans that could be used by trade professionals to build your design. This is an introductory class to give students exposure to a potential BRCOT program.

Project Bike

In the process of building a recumbent bicycle from the ground up, students will be introduced to a variety of hand and power tools as well as to the basic systems which make up the bicycle. The skills and knowledge from this class are widely useful outside of working on bikes, both in job situations and in general life. Topics in this class including metalworking, welding and brazing, and mechanical systems also will provide a good background for further study at the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology in such programs as Welding, Precision Machining, Automotive, Auto Body, and Plumbing.



Introduction To Programming

This is an exploratory course to introduce students to the concepts of programming, different programming languages, and basic app development. Students will also gain an understanding of computer logic, which will enhance problem solving skills. No previous coding experience is required as we will begin with block-style programming and work our way into other programming languages.

Introduction To Robotics

Students will build and program robots using problem solving strategies. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program, and document their progress. Topics will include motor control, gear ratios, torque, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, and decision-making.


Advanced Robotics

A continuation of the Robotics course where students will explore robot mechanisms and intelligent controls. Various control and coding devices will be tested. Students will design and build a robotic system to complete a real-world task.

Introduction To Digital Media

Introduces basic skills and conceptual development in photography and related digital media. This course offers students opportunities to develop fundamental skills in photographic composition. Techniques include: Rule of Thirds, Balance, Light, Point of View, Pattern, Motion, Selective Focus, Contrast and Variety, Texture, Mood, Framing and Depth of Field. Students will be required to develop a print and/or electronic portfolio.



Metal & Materials

Students will learn the foundations of fabrication and joining methods including various types of soldering and cold connections such as rivets, hinges, tab constructions and more. Students will explore inlay, stone setting in bezels, forging, and other decorative techniques such as roller printing, coloration of surface, and stamping. Instructors will guide students in designing expressive projects while allowing students to integrate personal meaning.

Exploring Trades

This program is an unique opportunity to explore a variety of trades. This fun filled interactive  class will provide an opportunity to learn about the different trades and technical careers such as welding, automotive repair, engineering and others. You will acquire basic skills that will prove fundamental if you decide to continue your education at the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology.



Food & Farming Production

This course will introduce the students to the skills, knowledge and science around healthy food production at both the large scale and home scale levels. A variety of related material will be covered, and in the process, the student will gain experience using a variety of hand and power tools. Topics in this class also will provide good background for further study at the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology (COT). Examples of such topics include nutrition and nutritious food production which connects with the health related programs (CNA, EMT and Medical assisting) and the fabrication of structures for growing food which ties in to the Residential Construction program.