Introduction to Medical Sciences

This course provides an introductory core curriculum designed to prepare students for further schooling in any of the major health occupations at the technical or professional levels, such as physician, nursing, medical technologist, radio logical technician, physical therapist, pharmacist, operating room technician, veterinarian, athletic trainer, respiratory therapist, dietitian, and others. A strong science curriculum in the classroom is combined with independent study and community experience with health professionals in various settings. The Introduction to Medical Sciences curriculum allows students to study at a college preparatory level, and gain employment skills. Students are awarded 2 science credits in Anatomy and Physiology and 2 credits for Intro. to Medical Science. Students may contract for honors credit with approval from their sending schools.

Introduction to Medical Sciences Student looking at samples

Introduction to Medical Sciences

#24056 & 24066

Level: CP or Honors

Open to: Grades 11-12 ( Grade 10 with Instructor permission)

Credit: 4 (Honors level earn college credits for 12th grade students)

Prerequisite: Chemistry or biology, great attendance, good interpersonal skills, and a strong work ethic. Active learners who are excited about the field of medicine.

Eligible for Dual / Concurrent Enrollment: SMCC,YCCC

BHS Graduation Standards: Life Science and Health credit

Description: This program prepares students to further their education on the professional or technical level in any of the 300+ health career fields. Students in this course learn human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology. Students will complete independent study in a variety of areas and may complete a number of job-shadowing in various healthcare fields (e.g. dental, therapy, dietary, radiology, etc.). These students will take the National Healthcare Foundations Skills Assessment certification exam and will be prepared to make an informed decision regarding their healthcare career choice and their college major.

Topics Covered:

  • Anatomy / Physiology

  • Health Careers Exploration

  • Nutrition

  • College Information

  • Patient Care Skills

  • Human Growth and Development

  • American Heart First Aid and CPR

  • Understanding Human Behavior

  • Pathophysiology

Amy Elie  BSN, RN

Amy Elie BSN, RN

Medical Assisting Instructor

Ms Elie has been a registered nurse since graduating from the University of Southern Maine's Nursing Program. Before arriving at the Biddeford Regional Center of Technology, she was the Biddeford High School Nurse for five years. She worked for 13 years at Maine Medical Center in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.